Provide sellers with an overview of what an estate sale entails, emphasizing that it involves the liquidation of a person's belongings, typically due to downsizing, relocation, inheritance, divorce, senior transitioning, or death. Highlight the benefits of organizing an online estate sale, such as decluttering, generating revenue, and ensuring items find new homes rather than being discarded. Online sales are discreet and compassionate, allowing you to conduct transactions from the privacy of your computer without exposing your personal belongings to strangers. During the consultation, we discuss which items, especially heirlooms, you prefer not to sell and which you wish to include in the estate sale. We guide you through this process with our expert knowledge of what will sell and what won’t, and we itemize the items that will be in the sale.


Once the initial consultation is complete and we've curated the items for your online estate sale, the next crucial step is capturing high-quality photographs of each item. Our goal is to present your belongings in the best possible light, enticing potential buyers with clear and detailed images.Our experienced team takes great care in photographing each item from multiple angles to showcase its unique features and condition accurately. We use professional-grade equipment and lighting to ensure the photos are sharp, well-lit, and true to life. During the photography process, we pay special attention to capturing any notable details, such as craftsmanship, signatures, or imperfections, that may affect a buyer's decision. Our aim is to provide transparency and build trust with potential buyers by offering a comprehensive visual representation of each item.